How to make the most of your flower wall for your wedding day

Flower walls are a gorgeous statement piece, and a big wedding statement. Its so beautiful to see a whole wall filled with beautiful wedding day blooms. It sets the mood, brings in colour, dresses a venue beautifully, and could also save you money!

If you have decided or are still undecided if you would like a flower wall for your wedding, here we have listed our few essential points to consider when thinking about and choosing your flower wall for your big day.

Your main reason for having a flower wall
Firstly you might like to consider what is the main reason you would like a flower wall? It could be you would like to dress your venue? Is there a part you would like to hide / screen off, or a part you would like to highlight or show off? Maybe you would like it placed behind your top table so the focus of the room is on the newly wed couple, or perhaps to make a show of your cake / dessert or sweet table? Or do you want it as a photo backdrop? You could use it for you guests arrival pictures, your gorgeous forever wedding pictures, or a fun photo booth for the evenings entertainment?

Give your flower wall multiple uses
Once you know your main use for your flower wall, it’s always worth thinking if you could get multiple uses on the day to really make the most of it. For example if you wanted it as your top table backdrop, many venues change the same room around from the wedding breakfast to the evening reception. So if thought through well, it will still be in a great location to be set up for a photo booth for your evening guests. Top table and photo booth! Win win. It’s a great chance to be creative, and can work many ways.

Use a few key pieces to go minimal elsewhere
A flower wall is a big statement piece, which allows you to go more minimal, with smaller centrepieces or other items that will compliment. Some small posies and candles can pick up a hint of the flowers in your wall and look absolutely stunning and chic at the fraction of the cost of what you might want to dress the room otherwise.

Make sure it works for your venue
Consider where to set up at the venue, is it the right size for the space and number of people you would like in front of it at a time. Will it be blocking anything, and will it work throughout your day through any room changes you may have. Lots of suppliers won’t be able to move the flower wall once it has been set up, as the cost of having someone wait at your venue to take it down and set it back up in new location will often be more costly than hiring 2 separate items. Bear this in mind while planning what you want where. Most flower wall suppliers are happy to meet with you at your venue to discuss possible locations and how best it could work for you and your day, always ask in advance if you’re unsure of anything.

Take advantage of any package offers
Usually if your supplier is setting up your flower wall at your venue, then they may offer a discount on any further items you might want to hire from them, ask about offers. Travel costs and time are usually built into the price so there may be a discount on any second items. Many can offer matching centrepieces, floral chandeliers, table runners, seating plan / welcome notice frames, and table / chair dressing. You could save your self money hiring from one supplier.

Do the colours work with your colour scheme and venue
You have probably spent ages thinking about the right look, and colour scheme for your big day, and have numerous Pintrest boards with all your ideas. Its always worth bearing in mind when planning your look that it also works with your venue. Do their colours work with your colour scheme, is it in keeping with the venue style. Also if you are having a florist making your bouquet, and possibly centrepieces do these compliment your flower wall colours? Don’t compromise, find a flower wall that has the look you’re after. It looks gorgeous when all are coordinated from venue to flower wall to florist. Ask your flower wall supplier as they may have customise or bespoke options available if you have something particular in mind.

You could always personalise your flower wall with signs such as your name, a special quote, or your special date. Lighting when done well can look magical and can transform your flower wall from day to night. It could be twinkle lights throughout, up lighters to give it mood lighting, or neon signs. It’s your day so add something that’s special to you . Depending on the sign you choose it could make a great keepsake of your day, or an original guestbook for everyone to sign you could hang on your wall at home afterwards.

Check the quality of the flower wall
If you can, go to see it set up at a wedding fair or open evening. Pictures can be deceiving (altered colours, cropped out poles, or size not what you were expecting) Look for a quality set up, no poles should be seen, sides wrapped or draped, backing curtain to allow no light to shine through, and last but not least, good quality silk flowers. Ask to see a sample of the flowers if you can’t see the full wall. With all these points covered, you will have a gorgeous flower wall for your wedding, that you can cherish the pictures and memories of forever.

Take time just the two of you
Lastly, take time out just the two of you to get some gorgeous high quality pictures with your professional photographer. High quality pictures in front of your flower wall are the perfect way to remember your day. There will still be plenty of time for fun guest photos to join in with later if that’s what you have planned. There are some great options for getting good quality pictures for your fun photo booth too. You could hire a photo booth machine, there are some great ones available, that can take great snaps, and has unlimited prints, and sharing options. Or our favourite option is hiring an actual professional photographer for a few hours in the evening, not only will you have someone to encourage people to get involved, they can give studio quality pictures, provide their own lighting, a USB to take away, as well as prints on the night. They even provide all the props, and is less than you might think!
Have a gorgeous wedding day!